What is a payroll batch?

A payroll batch is a collection of job data from a range of specified dates. When a payroll batch is created, FieldClock will pull all finalized jobs - including all worker data for those jobs - from the dates selected.

Important notes on payroll batches:

  • Once a job has been included in a payroll batch, not only can that job no longer be un-finalized, but it cannot be included in any additional payroll batches
  • Once a payroll batch has been created, it cannot be 'un-created' or deleted

How to create a payroll batch

To create a payroll batch, first click 'Payroll' from your left-hand menu, then click 'Create new batch'. 

For a new batch to be created, at least one job must be part of the selected payroll entity and must have been finalized within the dates selected. Once a payroll entity and dates have been selected, click 'Preview' to view your batches payout data. If the payroll batch is valid, you'll see a 'Payroll & Fees' header with a total. Clicking this total will show a list of payouts for your batch:

If everything looks good, click 'Generate payroll batch' to create your batch. 

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