To set up or edit a payroll entity, first click 'Admin' from your left-hand menu. Then, click the 'Payroll Entities' tab, and finally, either click 'New Payroll Entity' or the the payroll entity you wish to edit. If editing a payroll entity, you'll need to click the 'Edit payroll' button to edit it. 

From the edit screen you can fill out / select the following options:

  • Name: The name of your payroll entity 
  • Add Minimum Wage Adjustments: Whether or not you'd like minimum-wage adjustments to automatically suggested at job finalization or not (Read more)
  • Ignore Overtime Multiplier: Whether you'd like overtime payouts to be exported at the regular hourly rate or not
  • Software: The payroll software you use. Please visit our payroll help section for more info. 

For mapping payroll codes, please reference our help article

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