To create or edit a wage program, first click 'Admin' from your left-hand menu. Then, click the 'Wage Program' tab, and finally either click 'New Wage Program' to create a new one, or click the wage program you'd like to edit from the list. If editing a wage program, you'll need to click 'Edit program' from the wage program's details page to edit it. 

From here, you can enter the following details:

  • Name: The name of your wage program (i.e. Minimum-wage, H2A, etc...)¬†
  • Default?: Whether or not you'd like this to be the default wage program employees are assigned to
  • Minimum Wage: The minimum hourly rate for the wage program (Read more)
  • Rounding Method: Whether you'd like employee hours to be rounded prior to calculating payouts
  • Piecework Break Pay: Whether you'd like piecework break pay to automatically calculated per a formula or not (Read more)
  • Overtime: Whether you'd like overtime to automatically calculated per a formula or not
  • Effective Date: The date this minimum wage takes effect
  • Color: Color of the wage program for visual purposes¬†

** Note ** If your 'Rounding Method' is turned on, it will round to the nearest quarter hour. If the employee has less than 15 minutes, it will round to 15 minutes.

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