Below are summaries of each report that FieldClock offers. All reports may be downloaded via CSV, Excel, PDF, or printed as is.

Daily Activity Report

The Daily Activity report provides a summary of each employee's activities for a specified day. Data points given for each employee include: Total hours worked, jobs worked, and the hours breakdown for each job. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Labor Costs by Field

The Labor Costs by Field report shows the total cost of labor for a given task at each Ranch and/or Block that the task took place at, along with the totals for each task and Ranch and/or Block. Labor costs may be specified for any date range, can be broken down by Total, Acre, or Unit, and may be viewed as a Table, Bar Chart, or Stacked Chart. 

  • Report does NOT show data from 'active' jobs

Production by Employee

The Production by Employee report provides production numbers for employees at every job within the specified date range. Production data given for each employee include: Total piece-counts for the job as well as hourly piece-counts for the job. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Production by Ticketer

The Production by Ticketer report provides the number of pieces scanned for all Ticketers at jobs within the specified date range. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Daily Notes

The Daily Notes report shows all notes for a specified date. Note data includes: Who created the note, who the note was about, the note itself, and the associated job. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Non-productive Time

The Non-productive Time report shows all Non-productive times, or breaks (rest, lunch, etc...) for a specified date. Non-productive Time data includes: the job at which the break occurred, the type of break, and the time the break took place. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Daily Pay

The Daily Pay report provides a number of pieces of useful information regarding pay and hours for a specified date. Daily pay data includes: The job, number of employees who worked at the job, piece rate - if applicable, average hours worked, average hourly pay, minimum hourly pay, and maximum hourly pay. 

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs
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