What is the correct syncing process?

Do not ever log out when the phone can't sync or you will lose data.  (The phone will do its best to warn you of this, but its still possible to override the warning and log out.

Where is data stored if I'm out of syncing range?

On the phone until you log out, at which point it is deleted.

When do we need to sync?

It depends.  First and foremost at login (You can't log in to the app without a connection to the server).  After that, you need to sync whenever the phone needs data for the server (e.g. new employees or jobs added via admin site or other phones), or when you need to send your phone data to the server (e.g., after the day's work).

How do we get out of sync?

If the phone can't reach the server or can't get a successful sync through, it will just keep trying until it can.  If it doesn't get a success message during a sync operation, it will attempt to send the same data on the next sync attempt as well.

Why won't my device sync (even with full bars)?

  1. Your device might be roaming when data roaming is disabled
  2. Your phone is configured to disallow mobile data (either phone-wide or FieldClock specifically)
  3. Your phone has a connection to our servers but is so slow that it cannot complete a sync (if our sync operation can't sync within 30 seconds, the phone considers it failed). You can troubleshoot this by using the Speedtest app from Ookla
  4. Your phone is on a network that can't reach our servers (May be blocked elsewhere in the network outside the phone). Test this by trying to access www.fieldclockapp.com from your phone's browser

IMPORTANT: If you're able to access our website from your mobile browser, and the site loads quickly, there's no reason the phone shouldn't be able to sync. In this case, it's likely #2 above. Solution is in the Settings app, find FieldClock, and make sure 'Cellular Data' is enabled. 

Further tips on syncing

  1. If cellular reception is spotty in the field, it may be worth putting your mobile devices in airplane mode. By doing this, then syncing before and directly after the work day, you may avoid confusion of un-synced data during working hours
  2. It is best to sync all mobile devices at the start as well as end of each day
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