1. Click 'Payroll' from the main menu
  2. Click the 'Create New Batch' button
  3. Select desired date range
  4. Select the desired payroll entity
  5. Click the 'Preview' button
  6. Review the payouts to be sure they include the dates you want
  7. Click 'Generate Batch' to create the payroll export file
  8. The admin site will redirect you to the list of payroll batches. Each Payroll Batch will display the entity, date range, and total
  9. Click the icon corresponding to the format you wish to export:

Available Download Options:

  • Supported payroll software systems will automatically be available as the far-left optionĀ 
  • "Printer-friendly 'detail' view" - a printable web page with the payouts grouped by employee and pay type
  • "Printer-friendly 'by-date' view" - a 'quick and dirty' printable report with quantities grouped by pay rate for low-frills data entry
  • "CSV" - a downloadable CSV file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel or other programs
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