To upload a list of Employees, click the 'Import Employees' button on the right-hand side of your Employees list

Before uploading a file for import, please download our 'CSV Template'. This will provide a reference for how your input file should be formatted. An improperly formatted import file will not upload properly. 

Your import file should have three, and only three columns: Name, Payroll Code, and Pay Rate:

Having a 'Header' row with 'Name', 'Payroll Code', and 'Pay Rate' is ok. After your import file is properly formatted, please upload your file. If done correctly, you'll be provided with your import options:

If you have a 'Header', make sure 'First Row' is selected for the Header option. In order to import Pay Rates for each employee, you must select a Payroll Entity from the dropdown. Below your import options you should see a list of all your employees. Please check to see if all the information is correct, make any changes if necessary, and click 'Import' if all is well. 

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