1. Open the main menu from the upper left-hand corner
  2. Tap 'Last sync at…', located at the bottom of the menu

If you get a sync error

If your device is unable to sync, you may be in an area with bad reception. In these situations, please be patient and/or wait until you're in better cellular service or within WiFi range to force a sync. 

If you do have good reception or are within WiFi and your device still isn't syncing, please try the following: 

  1. Make sure you're running the latest FieldClock version by checking the app store for updates.
  2. Make sure the device has the latest update.
  3. Kill the app and re-open it (do not log out).
  4. If all else fails and the device still isn't syncing (and data is not on the Admin site), you may need to perform an emergency data export, then log out and back into FieldClock. Doing this will cause any un-synced data to be lost so it's important to perform the export for any jobs that may be lost upon logging out. 
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