FieldClock uses a role-based permission system. In order for an employee to access your account, you must grant them permission to sign in, and also grant them role corresponding to their responsibilities in your organization.

Methods

Email Sign-in

If an employee has an email address, you can allow them to sign in using their email address as their username. This sign-in will be valid for the admin site as well as the mobile apps.

If the employee later forgets their password, they can reset it themselves using the "Recover your account" link on the sign-in page.

Badge Sign-in

If an employee does not have an email address or you do not wish to allow them to sign in to the admin site, you can allow them to sign-in with their FieldClock badge.

Badge sign-ins can only be used in the mobile app. To sign-in with a badge, the employee must scan their badge and enter their PIN at the sign-in screen.

PINs are not customizable and cannot be changed by the employee. To create a new PIN or reset an existing PIN, click the "Reset PIN" button on the Employee Details page.

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